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  • Ed Sheeran's cousin arrested by police (Jethro Sheeran)

    The rapper cousin of Ed Sheeran is being examined by police after professedly undermining music scholars over a cursing audit Ed Sheeran Tour .
    Jethro Sheeran, 42, supposedly hit out at Essex Magazine after a faultfinder compared him to 'a tingle you can't shake off'.

    The trying rapper - known by his stage name Alonestar - is identified with Ed Sheeran, the hitmaker who broke records a week ago with nine singles in the UK Top 10 List of songs by Ed Sheeran .
    Be that as it may, life for the genius' senior cousin Jethro is altogether different as he now supposedly confronts a police test.

    The connection of the fire haired vocalist organized a collection dispatch party in Clapham , south London on Friday yet was pummeled in an audit.
    A commentator depicted the wannabe craftsman as' frantically attempting to clutch whatever popularity and gravitas the Sheeran name brings'.
    The analyst said the planning of Mr Sheeran's new record was a 'stunning weep for consideration', taking after the current very much publicisied achievement of his more youthful cousin .

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