For the stalkers among you, you’ll have noticed I haven’t been training slayer for a while. It’s not because I’m bored of it, oh no. I’m craving the abyssal demon task I have at the moment and I’d love to see my whip strange the bastards as soon as possible. But the craving makes it all the sweeter when I do get back.

I have been training Magic and Farming. I’m one level away and a final 3,000 law runes from my 82 Magic goal, and  I’ve got a lot of trees to plant and farm to get 65 Farming.I’ve also managed to get 65 herblore today, which givese the ability to identify Cadantine Herbs!

So.. yes. I’ve been skilling and no monsters have been killed by me for some time… But I warn you, Abyssal Demons. Just like my trip to London, walking around for hours dieing from thirst… I will have my pint of Strongbow, and I will savour it.

In other news; Endymia: Chapter 3 is coming along, I turn 18 on Tuesday and I have had a couple of weird dreams including me fighting a giant orc-like monster, barehanded.