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  • August 7th, 2007

    RuneScape skills –Independent(1)

    Agility is a members’ skill used to access remote areas and to take shortcuts, especially in the wilderness and on some quests. Many areas that contain slayer monsters have agility shortcuts to help higher level players reach the monsters they wish to slay more quickly. As players train the agility skill, their stamina regeneration […]

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    July 4th, 2007

    Runescape Quest Guides:Cabin Fever

    Runescape Part 1: Enter the Boat and Fire the Cannon
    1)Talk with Bill Teach in Port Phasmatys to start the quest, and after a minute or two of talking, he will instruct you to meet him on the Adventurous. Walk onto the docks and go as far east as you can, and cross the gangplank.
    2) […]

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    June 25th, 2007

    Edgeville Dungeon (Free area)

     Runescape dungeon guide: Edgeville Dungeon
    The Edgeville Dungeon is a popular training place for players of all levels. There are many different creatures down here and it is a good place to start training. Another popular area is the mine, where you can find all sorts of ores to mine.
    Get to the dungeon entrance:
    There are two […]

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    June 23rd, 2007

    Draynor Dungeon

    The Draynor Dungeon is just about the smallest dungeon in RuneScape, but there are still many places you may want to check out. Read this guide to learn more!
    Location of the Draynor Dungeon
    Knowing how to get there in the first place would be a big help. The entrance to the Draynor Dungeon can be found […]

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