Start point: Grand Tree Entrance. Speak to King Narnode Shareen
Quest Length: Very Long
Quest Difficulty: Very Hard
Members?: Yes
Reward: 10,000 runescape Gp, 3 quest points, 3 Cut Diamonds, and experience from Daero. Training attack & defense: 35k Attack Exp, 20k Strength Exp, 35k Defense Exp, and 20k Hit Points Exp. Training Strength and Stamina: 20k Attack Exp, 35k Strength Exp, 20k Defense Exp, 35k Hit Points Exp. The ability to return to Crash Island and Ape Atoll and the ability to buy and wield the Dragon Scimitar. finds you Tickets in Lancaster, PA for James Wolpert, Foreigner, Sick Puppies & Lacuna Coil, The Wonder Years at Tickets Lancaster in Chameleon Club, and American Music Theatre.

The King of the northern Gnomes, Narnode Shareen, is once again in need of your help. He recently decided to send an envoy of his Royal Guard, the 10th squad, to oversee the decommission of the Gnome owned shipbuilding facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja.


Ability to kill a level 195 Jungle Demon
Must have completed the The Grand Tree Quest
Must have completed Tree Gnome Village Quest

Items Required
Ball of Wool
Gold Bar
Monkey Corpse or Monkey Bones from a Karamjan Monkey
Skill Recommendations
70 Hp
70 Combat
50 Ranged or Magic
43 Prayer

Item Recommendations
Boots of Lightness
200+ Cooked Lobsters, or 100+ Cooked Sharks needed throughout the quest
6+ Fully Charged Glory Amulets, 5+ Rings of Dueling, Teleport Runes for 20+ Teleports, or Game Necklaces
Super energy potions or strange fruits
Anti Poison Potions
Prayer Potions


Part 1: Chapter 1: The 10th Squad

1) To start the quest, speak to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree. After a few seconds talking with him, you find out something is wrong. He will tell you that some of his men disappeared whilst decommissioning Glough’s ship building facilities in Karamja. Near the end of the conversation, he will ask you if you will go to Karamja and seek the 10th Squad of his Royal Guard. If you say yes, he will hand you a Royal Seal.

2) Once you have the Gnome Royal Seal, go to the top floor of the Grand Tree, and catch the Gnome Glider to Gandius (Karamja). Now, once you are on Karamja, head north until you reach the Shipyard Entrance .

3) Try to enter the Shipyard, and the Shipyard Worker will stop you. He will ask you what you’re doing, and you’ll say that you are on a special mission for King Narnode Shareen. He won’t believe you, but then you will show him the Gnome Royal Seal .He will let you through.

4) Go to the southern part of the Shipyard, and speak to G.L.O Caranock. He will ask if Glough sent you, and you’ll tell him that Glough was forced to resign. You will then go on to tell him about the 10th Squad. Caranock will tell you he knows absolutely nothing about them, and that they recently had some strong winds blowing in from the south, and that it may have blown them off course.

5) Now you must head back to King Narnode. Take the Glider (south of the shipyard), and go down the ladders to the king.

6) Speak to King Narnode again, and tell him you investigated the Shipyard. When he asks what you discovered, tell him you found a gnome called Caranock. The king will tell you he is unfamiliar with the name. He will then ask you about the 10th Squad, and you’ll tell him they may have been blown off course by extreme southerly winds. He will then give you a scroll with his orders on it, and tell you to find Daero, who is on the eastern wing of the second floor of the Grand Tree.

7) Speak to Daero, and you will give him Narnode’s orders. He will tell you that he has to decode it, and that you have to go on a reconnaissance mission, to the southern-most region of Karamja, where no Gnome dared travel. Continue talking to Daero about the journey, and ask what lies to the south of Karamja. He will say a large atoll, populated by monkeys.

Ask him how you will travel there, and he will tell you that one of his colleague’s will accompany you on the mission. Continue speaking to him, using up all of the options available. Once you have chosen the “Leave…” option, he will tell you that you must meet with his colleague, Flight Commander Waydar. Daero will give you a blind fold, and tell you to go with him.

8) When you arrive in the dungeon , speak to Daero again. He will introduce you to Waydar, who will fly with you to south Karamja.

9) Speak to Waydar. He will say that they cannot fly the gliders until the re-initialisation code has been completed. Ask him where the re-initialisation code is, and he’ll tell you that it’s the red panel south of him and that you must crack the code. This is a LONG and grueling process if you’re bad at puzzle boxes. Click here for the finished product. There is also a picture of the finished product, which you can find in game, by searching one of the crates beside the panel. If you do not wish to do this puzzle, you can pay Glough 200k. Glough is found in a house southeast of the Grand Tree. Note that if you log out, the puzzle will be reset.
Strategy: The best way to do the puzzle box, is one row at a time. Attempt starting off with the top row, and work your way down. If you cannot get it done, you will have to pay Glough 200k to continue with the quest.

10) Once you have completed the puzzle, the ground will shake, the screen will fade out, and you will be watching the gliders fold out. Now speak to Daero, who will command Waydar to fly you to Karamja. Speak to Waydar, and he will tell you to bring food. If you are ready to fly, say yes, if not, exit the area, to get supplies. Head south and operate the Teleport device to exit .
Strategy: Before leaving for Ape Atoll and Crash Isle, use the teleport device to the south of the control panel, and bank at the Grand Tree. Withdraw at least 20+ Lobsters, an antipoison, a prayer restore potion or two, a super energy potion or strange fruit, and a ring of dueling or glory amulet, to get back to Al-Kharid.