How to make 400,000 runescape gold / hour
Table Of Contents1.0- Introduction
1.1- Requirements
1.2- Locations
1.3- The Slaying
1.4- What to Bring
1.5- the 400k+ money method
1.6- selling them
1.0 Intro
hello all im writing this guide to introduce you to dragon killing, one of the fastest and easiest ways to make cash in runescape. Most players will only be able to make around 200k an hour from this but once you are 81+ mage and have ancients it is possible to make 400k runescape money per hour by selling there bones and hides.
1.1 Requirements
to be able to dragon kill you will need atleast two 50+ stats in attack, strength, defense or ranged. It is possible to dragon kill without this but with stats on 50 it is barely possible to make 200k gold an hour. my stats are 83att 79str and 72 defense and i can make 400k runescape gp an hour bringing 8 lobs per trip but when i started on around 60att 60def 50str i needed 12-14 lobs and i could only make 200k in an hour
1.2 Locations
this is where to find the green dragons, there are four spots in the wilderness

  1. The centre dragons- these are located above the zombie graveyard just west of the chaos alter north of varrock, in lvl 23-24 wildy you get a few pkers that will tb/ice you but most of them are easily avoidable by running through the zombies. This location is not reccomended for people without 81 mage
  2. This is to the east of hill giants, there are literally around 10-20 dragons here so its a great place for people who tele to varrock for bank. shorter walk than the central dragons, fewer pkers and more dragons. i reccomend this for people without ancients
  3. This is probably the most common drag killing spot, its located north west of edgeville and slightly to the west of the castle, if you dragon kill here you WILL get pkers all the time but if you see them then you can tele.

I reccomend this place to anybody becuase if you have got normal magic you can glory to edgeville, and if you have ancients you can tele to darayeek to get there and tele to edgeville to get to the bank

1.3 The Slaying
Dragons are NOT hard to kill despite what some people may think, if your melee stats arent good you can range them from a distance. If you are meleeing this is what you need to wear. You could also wear some hides to protect you from the dragons breath. If you have the right outfit killing dragons is as easy as killing a chicken( it just takes longer). OR you could range them, the only safe spot is at the middle dragons and the other safe spot is in the trees.

1.4 What to Bring
NOTE im only bringing 8 lobs becuase that is all i need, if you are a lower level you may need 12-18. Bring teles depending on where you are banking

To do this you need 81+ mage and need to be set onto ancient magicks. it is simply teleporting to carallanger (84 mage) killing the dragons and then either glory or ring of duel teleing to bank. banking this way can be shortened from a 10 minute walk to about a 30second trip. it doubles the speed you get them at and therefore doubles the money you make

If you are 84 mage you will not need the wizard mind bomb, this is the absolute fastest way to kill dragons and it is worth saving up the money and alching the 30k or so yew longs to get the required level

1.6 The Selling
There are 3 ways to sell

  • Go to world 2 bones are 2.3-2.7 each and hides are 1.5-1.9, try and get a combined 400k runescape gold per 100 dragon bones and hides, selling them in lots of 100 makes it alot easier
  • The forums - bones are under the misc section and hides are in the crafting section
  • Find a buyer!- find somebody who will always buy them from u at a steady price if they arent on try method 1 or 2